Some of my clients come back 10- 15 years later to tell me they got back their ex, married, had kids and divorced. They have been seeing a new person, they broke up, and they need my help again. For anyone who still has doubts, I have compiled below a list of success stories left by readers of this site who reunited after a break-up and got .... Dec 21, 2015 · 672. 672. I’m a 46-year-old woman who hasn’t had sex for over 10 years. This was never the plan, but I’m stuck in a perpetual circle: I worry so much about how I could explain this to a .... Hoffman agrees with the findings. She doesn't recommend folks get back with an ex — there's usually a good reason why the relationship ended. "However, exceptions do exist," she said. "When both individuals allow time for growth, reflection and understanding of the ending, and conclude that they both want to attempt a new relationship, it is. "/>Getting back with ex after 10 years reddit